Whenever I use a moisturizer, I get a oily film on my skin. I also hate the sweaty feeling left behind by the moisturizer. Does Sebamed have a solution?

Sebamed care products are non-greasy and are absorbed by the skin without a trace of oil. They do not leave a sweaty after-feel. In fact, minutes after application you will not feel the product on the skin. The only after feel is a soft and smooth skin.

I have excessive dry skin which gets worse in winter can you recommend a remedy?

Stop the use of soap/normal shampoos, switch to Sebamed Cleansers, they clean without drying. Use Sebamed Anti-Dry Day Defence Cream and Intensive Night Cream for protection.

I have used soap/ moisturisers all my life and you now tell me that it is harsh on the skin, so far I have not faced any problems why should I now switch to Sebamed?

The skin is protected by a thin acidic layer called the acid mantle. These layer guards the skin from infections helps in skin renewal gives it a glow and makes it soft and smooth. Harsh soaps damage this layer as they have a pH > 7. Continuous use of cleansers/moisturisers with unbalanced pH creates a traumatic condition for the skin which will show effects like early wrinkles, skin sagging, skin infections.

If one has used such products and not had any problems, there is no guarantee that these problems may not crop up ever. In fact, the faster one switches to Sebamed further damage can be avoided.

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