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There is nothing you can compare the skin of your baby to. It is as soft as a feather and as delicate as a flower, and you just cannot get enough of caressing it and caring for it. To ensure you keep your newborn’s skin as supple and gentle as the day he or she was born, you need scientifically formulated, clinically proven, safe and trusted baby skincare and haircare products. But from a plethora of choices available to you, how do you pick the skin and hair care products that are the best for your baby? What are the ingredients, qualities and parameters that set the best skin products for newborns from the rest? The sheer number of brands you may find while looking for the best newborn products at the supermarket or when you shop online can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we are here to guide you and help you understand what to look out for when choosing the infant care products that are the best for your baby so that you can make a well-informed decision. What products effectively answer your baby’s skin troubles? What is the correct skincare routine to keep your baby’s skin healthy and happy? What are the ingredients that will help you discern the right haircare products for your baby? Discover the answers to these questions and more.

Effective solutions for baby skin concerns

The skin of newborns and babies are especially sensitive and vulnerable. Their skin is constantly adapting to new environments, temperatures, varying levels of humidity and so much more, which invariably gives rise to many common skin conditions. Although most of them are harmless and go away just as quickly as they appear, you, as a concerned parent, wish to take the best care of your baby’s skin. There are many factors that can make your baby’s skin prone to skin conditions – such as the chemicals used in baby skin products. Another reason is the inevitable use of diapers, which leads to issues such as diaper rash, itchiness or irritated skin. Here are the most common skin conditions that your newborn may be prone to, and how to address them with clinically proven, dermatologist-tested products: Eczema: Eczema is one of the most common skin problems in babies, and you may find it just as stubborn to treat. A newborn baby takes time to build up the protective barrier for its skin and thus is prone to eczema and dryness. The key is to keep the skin hydrated and protected. Sebamed Cleansing Bar and Sebamed Baby Lotion have ideal pH of 5.5, thereby helping your baby’s skin develop the protective acid mantle and keep skin hydrated and reduce inflammation. Diaper rash: Diaper rash is a universal issue that newborns and infants inevitably contend with. It is caused by dirty diapers staying on for a little too long, so the first step is to change diapers frequently (3-4 hours) or as soon as it is wet or soiled. Use Sebamed Rash Cream for effectively treating diaper rashes as has an ideal 5.5 pH and additionally contains 4% Panthenol which provides a physical barrier to prevent friction. Cradle cap: Contrary to what the name suggests, cradle cap is not caused by your baby’s cradle in any way, but a condition owing to the excessive production of oil from the sebaceous glands on your baby’s scalp. It is a condition that will go away in time, but you can apply Little Birdy Hair Oil and a mild shampoo such as the soap-free and tear-free Sebamed children’s shampoo, which has an ideal 5.5 pH to protect your baby’s scalp and keep it hydrated.

Optimal skincare regimen for your baby

You want your baby to grow up with the most gentle, soft, and supple skin that feels just like the day they were born – and that requires a proven skincare routine from the experts! Here is how you can take the best care of your baby’s skin, keeping your baby happy and smiling, always: Gently cleanse your baby’s skin: Sebamed baby wash extra soft is formulated with the ideal pH of 5.5 to promote the skin’s protective barrier which takes up to about 3 months to develop in newborn babies. It is also fortified with lipids similar to vernix found in the mother’s womb, to protect and hydrate your baby’s skin. Powder up for a happier baby: The extra-soft formula with Allantoin in Sebamed baby powder reduces skin irritation from the inevitable chafing and rubbing of your baby’s sensitive skin against diapers and clothes. Additionally, it contains olive oil which helps prevent dryness. Cream up for soft, well-moisturised skin: After the bath, use Sebamed baby cream extra soft. It is a proven solution to rough or dry skin with 42% high lipid composition, while having no irritant reactions and almost 0% allergic reactions.

Why choose Sebamed products for your baby’s skincare?

Your baby’s skin is softer and more sensitive than adult skin, and therefore needs a range of different skincare products. Sebamed skincare products for your baby are specially formulated to suit your baby’s skin perfectly. They have an ideal pH of 5.5, crucial in promoting the natural protective skin barrier. They are dermatologist-tested gentle formulations that avoids any harsh chemicals, parabens or sulphates. Sebamed baby care products are also clinically proven to be hypoallergenic, with virtually zero allergic reactions on your baby’s skin.

Best ingredients to look for in baby care products

At Sebamed, we develop the best infant skin care products from extensive research that helps us find out what specific ingredients and formulations are the best for every skin type. Most Sebamed skin care products have an ideal pH of 5.5, which provides the best balance for healthy skin. Sebamed baby skincare products also use botanical, natural and clinically-tested ingredients to ensure the, such as: Chamomile extract: Soothes irritated skin and has anti-bacterial properties. Wheat germ extracts and amino acids: improves skin hydration. Beeswax, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Inulin: promotes skin function and hydration; smoothens skin. Natural oils such as jojoba oil and soya oil: safeguards skin from dryness. Just as important as knowing the different ingredients used in your baby’s skincare products is knowing what they do not contain – Sebamed’s products are free of irritants, allergens, parabens, soaps and alkali, thus being completely safe for your little one’s skin.

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Whatever your baby’s skin care needs, you can find all of Sebamed’s advanced solutions for your little one at MyWellnessKart. Our gentle formulations are scientifically developed and dermatologist-tested. From Baby Bubble Bath to Baby Lotion to Baby Soothing Massage Oil to Baby Body Milk, you will find everything you need to ensure your baby’s complete skincare regime. Explore our range of exclusive baby care products from MyWellnessKart and find everything you need for your baby best skincare for newborns under one roof.

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