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Hair Care Products That Get to the Root of Your Hair Problems

Be it for men or women, hair plays the greatest role in defining one’s appearance. Going from bad, unmanageable, frizzy hair to bouncy, light, well-hydrated hair will make the biggest change in appearance and make that essential first impression.
Only when you have good hair will you then have the confidence to experiment with new hairstyles and lengths, and truly discover a look that’s unique to you. Just like clothes, great hair enhances your looks and reflects your personality just as well as clothes, makeup, and accessories do. Having the right hair can instantly turn you from looking older to younger, out of fashion to ‘in vogue’, and dull to fresh. And as we all know, looking great on the outside means feeling great from the inside!
However, achieving great hair and maintaining it over a period of time is no easy task. The health of your hair is directly linked to the health of your scalp, and a multitude of factors such as pollution, excess oil produced by the skin, quality of water and dryness can keep your scalp from getting the treatment it deserves. On top of that, the sheer variety and magnitude of hair products that you come across on the aisles of your supermarket can be confusing and overwhelming.
Worry not. We are here to give you all the information that you would require and guide you in selecting the best hair care products, with the power of science. And the first step in knowing the right hair care products to choose is understanding the concerns and conditions that plague your hair.

Effective Solutions for Hair Concerns

Hair is delicate – it reacts to the slightest change in the environment, be it the hardness of the water that is used to wash it, the exposure to harsh sun and pollution, or even the food you eat. This means that it is next to impossible to provide your hair with the ideal condition always. Let’s face it. Your hair will constantly bear the brunt of a multitude of problems – and so, the best thing to do is to know how to combat them. Let’s look at the most common concerns that people face when it comes to their hair:
Structurally damaged hair:Hair damage often points to a mix of factors such as not taking adequate care, using the wrong hair products, over-styling, or even over-washing. It can result in dry, brittle or frizzy hair. Damaged hair develops cracks in the cuticle, in other words, the outermost layer of hair. This causes your hair to be at risk of further damage. Since hair is a collection of dead cells, hair damage is permanent – what you can ensure though, is that the new hair you grow is healthy. Use a mild but effective repair shampoo like the Sebamed Repair Shampoo with the ideal pH of 5.5, that is Dermatologically tested to result in 47% less dryness of hair. It moisturises your scalp and restores your hair’s natural elasticity and shine.
Persistent dandruff: Dandruff is perhaps the most common hair problem that plagues men and women of all ages. Although it is often attributed to poor hygiene, the primary causes are excess sebum, dry hair and fungal infection. A soap-free shampoo such as Sebamed Anti-dandruff Shampoo ensures deep cleansing of pores, effectively removing sebum. Regular use of this shampoo will prevent dandruff from coming back. Complementing your hair treatment with apple cider vinegar will also produce positive results due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Oily scalp: Oil is caused by the production of excess sebum on the scalp. While this may be an obvious fact, what may be surprising is what causes excess sebum to develop on the scalp – the culprit is over-washing. When you wash your hair more times than necessary, your scalp dries out, causing it to compensate by producing more oil. The key is to keep your hair clean and healthy not by increasing the number of washes, but by washing your hair with a good clarifying shampoo that helps clear clogged pores.
Hair loss: Losing hair – from 50 to 100 strands every day – is normal and nothing to worry about. However, if you are losing hair at a noticeable rate, and your hair is becoming visibly thin, it may be because of several factors ranging from stress to hormonal changes to heat styling tools that you may be using. Hair loss is related to low blood circulation to the scalp, so using a shampoo such as the Dermatologically formulated Sebamed Anti-hair Loss Shampoo, which supports hair growth and the scalp’s blood circulation while also providing nourishment from the roots of your hair to the tips, is bound to provide positive results.
Damage from hair colour: You should have the freedom to flaunt your personality with the hair colours of your choice without having to deal with the damage caused by them. Hair colours and other chemicals irritate your hair and it loses its natural balanced environment. So, it is essential to support your hair with the right hair treatment products when using hair colour products. Sebamed Color Care Shampoo is specially formulated for coloured and stressed hair with a hydro-balancing complex that soothes scalp irritation, and a care formula for sheen and brilliance.

Optimal Hair Care Regimen

Taking care of your hair and scalp requires consistent care and attention. This means that the hair care routine that you follow is just as important as the hair maintenance products that you use. Creating a hair care routine is easy, and depending on the type of hair you have, you can fine tune your hair care regimen by incorporating the products that are the right fit for your hair. Here is a simple two-step hair care regimen with different product options to suit different types of hair:

Why choose Sebamed products for your baby’s skincare?

Step 1: Cleanse and hydrate thoroughly using shampoo The first step to your hair care is washing and cleaning your hair with a good shampoo. You may choose the shampoo depending on the type of hair and what your hair needs – for example, hair products for low porosity hair, damaged hair, dry and brittle hair etc. - If you have normal to dry hair, Sebamed Everyday Shampoo is a great choice for you. It is soap-free and formulated with the ideal pH of 5.5, helping to fight dandruff and psoriasis. Free of parabens and alkali, it is gentle enough for daily use. - For dry, damaged hair, you want a proven solution. Sebamed Repair Shampoo is dermatologist-developed shampoo made with plant proteins and ideal 5.5 pH to strengthen weakened hair cuticles and repair and restore dry, damaged hair, proven to result in 47% less hair dryness. - If you are battling dandruff, Sebamed Anti-dandruff Shampoo is specially formulated to stop dandruff recurrence with the help of active ingredient Piroctone Olamine and the ideal pH balance of 5.5. It is clinically proven to reduce dandruff by 79% in three weeks. - If you use hair colours, your hair may need special treatment to undo the damage caused by the harsh hair colours. Sebamed Color Care Shampoo with the ideal pH of 5.5 and hydro-balancing complex calms your irritated scalp while the care complex with UV filters protects hair from UV damage and the hair colours from fading.

Step 2: Strengthen and smoothen hair with a conditioner Hair conditioner is the vital second step in your hair care as it provides your hair with a protective coating, strengthening the hair’s structure and preventing breakage. It also locks in moisture for longer and makes your hair shiny and soft. The soap-free Sebamed Repair Conditioner is Dermatologist developed with the ideal pH balance of 5.5. As the first conditioner formulated for both hair and scalp, it replenishes moisture and lipids, and is clinically proven to be 88% excellent care effect.

Why Choose Sebamed for Hair Care Products

Sebamed hair care products are specially formulated to suit your hair’s needs perfectly. They have an ideal pH of 5.5, crucial in promoting the natural protective barrier of your scalp. They are dermatologist-tested gentle formulations that avoid soap and harsh detergents, chemicals, parabens and sulphates. Sebamed hair care products are also clinically proven and scientifically developed for the best results for all types of hair and scalp, even sensitive ones.

Best Ingredients to Look for in Hair Care Products

At Sebamed, we develop the best hair care products for women and men from extensive research that helps us find out what specific ingredients and formulations are the best for every hair type. Sebamed hair care products have an ideal pH of 5.5, which provides the best balance for healthy hair growth and maintenance. Sebamed hair care products also use clinically-tested ingredients, such as:

PG Trimonium Chloride: Promotes frizz control and provides combability and softness.

Piroctone Olamine: Prevents dandruff-causing bacteria on the scalp.

Hydrolyzed silk: To penetrate deep inside the hair shaft and repair damage.

Biopolymers: Encapsulates the hair shaft to smoothen and protect hair structure.

Just as important as knowing the different ingredients used in your hair care products is knowing what they do not contain – Sebamed’s products are free of alkali, parabens and soaps, thus being completely safe for even those with sensitive scalp.

Buy Best-Selling Hair Care Products at MyWellnessKart

Whatever your hair care needs, you can find all of Sebamed’s advanced solutions for your hair at MyWellnessKart. Our gentle formulations are scientifically developed, dermatologist-tested and clinically proven. From shampoos developed for hair loss to shampoos for daily use, you will find everything you need to ensure your complete hair care regime. Explore our range of exclusive hair care products from MyWellnessKart and find everything you need for your hair under one roof.

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