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What is skin pH?

You know that the normal body temperature is 37 degrees,
the normal blood pressure is 120/80 similarly the skin has a pH value of 5.5.

pH Scale

The pH is measured on the pH bar 0 indicating acidic and 14 indicating alkaline. The pH of water is 7 which is neutral. Normal, healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic and Sebamed products also have a pH of 5.5.

pH 5.5 leads to soft and smooth skin, aids in skin renewal and imparts a healthy glow to the skin and guards skin from infections.

What does pH value 5.5 mean?

The skin's acid protection mantle protects against harmful environmental influences and pathogens. A neutral pH value harms this protective barrier function and can in the worst case even destroy the skin's surface, i.e. lead to dehydration, irritation and allergies. pH neutral - pH value 7- is not the right value to keep skin healthy. Skin exposed to pH neutral products needs several hours in order to regenerate again. With modern care substances humidity can be regained and a protective barrier function restored. Nevertheless, with pH neutral products these effects are diminished and neutralized.

Optimal protection and compatibility with the skin is only achieved with a pH value of 5.5. Many consumers assume that pH neutral products are skin compatible, i.e. skin friendly. As a matter of fact such products represent a wide variety of pH values, among them also very acidy or leachy ones that can severely damage sensitive skin. Sometimes the pH value can also change during storage time. All Sebamed products guarantee a strict sustainability of the pH value 5.5.

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Skin pH 5.5 – Why is it an Essential Factor in Skin Care?

When you reach out for skin care products in the supermarket aisles, you would like to tell yourself that you are making an informed choice. You might check the back of the pack to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as phthalates, parabens and PEGs (polyethylene glycols). You would already know that it is better to go for products that are soap-free, as soap is harsh on your skin and leaves it dry. There is also the aspect of ethical production – you know well to steer clear of products that are tested on animals, or perhaps, use excess plastics in its packaging. Such information is clearly stated on the products you buy. But here is a term that is far less common to come across: pH. It is rarely mentioned by most brands, and you are more likely to remember the term from your chemistry textbook rather than from skincare products. It might also be the most overlooked aspect of skincare that has a huge impact on the health of your skin. So, what is skin pH and how is it relevant to your skin health? What is the impact of using products that do not have the ideal pH for your skin? What skin care products are made with the right pH level for skin? Read on to find the answers for all these questions and more.

What is Skin pH?

As mentioned above, you may remember the term pH from your chemistry classes. It is a scale that quantifies the ‘potential of Hydrogen’ to express how acidic, alkaline or neutral something is: Zero being very acidic, 14 being highly alkaline, with 7 being neutral. The pH of anything that has water content can be measured, including your skin. Now, you might be surprised that the pH value of skin is not neutral, but rather acidic. And this is a good thing. Your skin’s acidity helps it maintain the ‘acid mantle’, a very fine and extremely important film on the outermost layer of your skin. It is your body’s first layer of defence against bacteria, viruses and harmful foreign bodies. Your skin’s acidic pH balancing also keeps the delicate microbiome thriving. This makes it difficult for pathogens to multiply, but lets good microbiome flourish. As you age, your skin becomes slightly more alkaline – which is the reason why your skin becomes more prone to dryness and wrinkling with time.

Skin’s Natural pH: 5.5

So, what is the pH balance of skin? The average pH value of human skin sits between pH 4.5 to pH 5.5. To keep your skin healthy, you must make sure that this natural pH balance is maintained. When your skin comes in contact with extremely acidic or extremely alkaline substances, this balance is broken. These substances can be harsh chemicals in cosmetics, exposure to detergents or other cleaning agents, or even well-intentioned skincare products that are not pH balanced for the skin. When your skin’s natural pH is disturbed, your skin’s acid mantle is broken, therefore leaving your skin vulnerable to undesirable skin conditions such as acne, allergies and drying. You may have noticed that tight, dry feeling after using some soap bars in the shower – this is because most soaps are alkaline and upsets the natural pH value of your skin.

Sebamed’s Commitment to pH 5.5

Sebamed is the world’s leading skin care expert from Germany and one of the first to introduce the concept of pH-balanced skin care products for the skin. In 1967, Dr. Heinz Maurer developed the first commercial soap-free cleansing bar with pH 5.5. Subsequently, Sebamed has pioneered a comprehensive range of skin care and hair care products with the ideal pH of 5.5 to support the skin’s natural protective barrier. At Sebamed, we realize the importance of maintaining your skin’s pH value and its role in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated, and away from harmful skin conditions.

The Impact of pH Imbalance on Skin

Here is a scenario that may seem all too familiar: you are suffering from persistent breakouts of acne, and they just don’t go away no matter how many types and combinations of skincare products you try. The culprit is probably skin pH that has gone out of balance. Using products that are not pH 5.5 balanced will only further deteriorate your skin’s acid mantle, the protective layer that defends your skin from bacteria and foreign bodies. When your skin is too alkaline or too acidic, it will turn flaky and red, stripping your skin of its natural oils and causing dryness. It will further become prone to conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne. If your skin shows these signs, consider switching to products that are more conducive to it, like a soap with low pH level, and even hair care products that have the ideal pH of 5.5.

Sebamed’s pH 5.5 Product Range

Sebamed, being the pioneer in creating skin care products with a balanced 5.5 pH, has over the years developed a whole range of skin care and hair care products that are Dermatologist-tested and clinically proven. Sebamed has also developed a baby care range that addresses the special requirements that babies’ skin demands, and the common skin care concerns that they face, such as diaper rash. Sebamed products are free from soap, parabens, phthalates and allergens, thereby being especially suited to sensitive skin. Here is a comprehensive list of Sebamed’s products based on skin, hair and baby care:

    Sebamed products for skin care:

  1. Sebamed Fresh Shower

  2. Sebamed Cleansing Bar

  3. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam for Acne-prone Skin

  4. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Bar for Acne-prone Skin

  5. Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel for Acne-prone Skin

  6. Sebamed PRO Regenerating Cream

  7. Sebamed Multi-protect Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 Plus

  8. Sebamed Moisturizing Cream

  9. Sebamed Q10 Protection Cream

  10. Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

  11. Sebamed Lip Defense Balm with SPF 30

  12. Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash

  13. Sebamed Olive Face and Body Wash

  14. Sebamed PRO Vital Serum

    Sebamed products for hair care:

  1. Sebamed Everyday Shampoo

  2. Sebamed Anti-dandruff Shampoo

  3. Sebamed Anti-hairloss Shampoo

  4. Sebamed Repair Shampoo

  5. Sebamed Color Care Shampoo

  6. Sebamed Repair Conditioner

    Sebamed products for baby care:

  1. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

  2. Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft

  3. Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath

  4. Sebamed Baby Lotion

  5. Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft

  6. Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

  7. Sebamed Baby Rash Cream

  8. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo

  9. Sebamed Baby Powder

  10. Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil

  11. Sebamed Baby Lip Balm

  12. Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50 Plus

  13. Sebamed Baby Body Milk

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