Do sebamed soap-free Cleansing Bar and Sebamed Wash Emulsion have different effects?

No, both have the same cleansing effect and are identical in terms of mildness, compatibility with the skin and suitability for problematic or sensitive skin. Which product you prefer is determined by personal preferences.

How are cleansing products dosed correctly?

Usually, people dose cleansing products according to the amount of foam produced. However, foam is not any indication about the cleansing effect. Due to the fact that creamy foam is demanded by the majority of consumers, in many cases, special foam material is added. This does not have any or only very little cleansing effect. In most high-value products less is more. With Sebamed Wash Emulsion, a pea large drop suffices already for the cleansing of face and hands. A 200 ml bottle can consequently be used some 400 times.

For an optimal cleansing effect for face and hands rub the soap-free Cleansing Bar of Sebamed over a washcloth, sponge or in wet hands 4-5 times.

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