Are Sebamed products safe enough to used from day 1?

Yes Sebamed products are safe enough to be used from day 1. In fact when baby is born at that time pH of their skin is around 7 and with in a period of 2-12 weeks pH is stabilized at 5.5, with development of acid mantle during this period Sebamed products are best to use as they help in maintaining pH 5.5. And also which it protects from the skin infections.

How to use the product?

Work into lather and apply all over the body of the baby.

I have a baby who is just a couple of months old, can I use Sebamed?

Sebamed Baby Products are formulated for use right from the first day. The cleansing products are soap free and have a no tear formula. Sebamed products help in the development of the acid mantle of the babies skin and can be safely used right from the day one.

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