Baby Lip Balm

Key Features
  • Mild lip care with a rich lipid complex for protection against dryness
  • Natural jojoba oil and shea butter make rough, dry baby / children lips supple 
  • Vitamin E provides the thin skin with moisture 
  • Beeswax protects sensitive baby lips even in the cold 
  • Prevents skin irritation from saliva
Product Overview

The skin of the lips is extremely thin and has no sebaceous glands. Therefore, it must be specially cared for and protected against harmful environmental influences. For babies there is the additional burden of a flow of saliva for the lips and area surrounding the mouth. Sebamed Baby Lip Balm has a balanced formula with mild, rich oils such as jojoba oil and shea butter. This allows even the most sensitive lips to remain smooth and protected from drying and cracking. Vitamin E is an essential substance with antioxidant activity, offering optimal protection against free radicals from the environment and resulting damage. In addition, the thin skin of the lips is kept moist by Vitamin E. Natural waxes protect baby's sensitive lips from wind and cold.

How To Use
  • Sebamed Baby Lip Balm can be applied without irritation even when lips are sore.
Additional Information
  • Imported & Marketed by: USV Private Limited, B.S.D. Marg, Govandi, Mumbai - 400088 (MH), India
  • Consumer Care Cell: Please contact on the above address or call on +91 9967673355 or
  • Email at : 
  • Origin of Country: Made in Germany by Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG 
  • For Batch Number, MFG Date, Use before Date refer actual pack
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Baby Sebamed
Marketed By USV

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Why are lip balms for babies necessary?

We have all experienced dry, chapped or cracked lips at some point in our lives - be it due to the weather, vitamin deficiencies or dehydration.This is because the skin on our lips are particularly vulnerable, as it's extremely thin and remains exposed at all times and this is why we all love lip balms. They moisturise, soften, come in different flavours and scents, and protect with SPF when we’re out in the sun.This makes it doubly important to protect babies’ lips and keep them moisturised as they’re much more sensitive than adults’. While parents usually remember to lather their babies’ skins with the best oils and lotions after a bath, they tend to forget to care for the lips. Invest in a lip balm for babies today, and give your baby’s lips the protection it deserves.

Sebamed Baby Lip Balm Keep Your Baby's Lips Supple & Soft

Choosing a baby lip balm is no easy task, and may seem daunting at first. After all, you want to give your child only the safest and most gentle products with the best ingredients. Sebamed’s baby lip balm has a rich formula, consisting of natural jojoba oil, bee’s wax, vitamin E and shea butter and is completely free from parabens, preservatives and colourants. These natural ingredients perfectly combine to provide daily protection and keep your baby’s lips soft and healthy. The vitamin E serves a dual purpose, keeping the skin smooth and moisturised as well as protecting it from any harmful substances in the environment. The waxy texture of the jojoba oil builds a protective layer over the lips and locks in moisture, and the bee’s wax leverages its antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties to shield your baby’s lips. In addition to keeping your baby’s lips soft, the Sebamed baby lips lip balm prevents any irritation due to drooling or pacifiers. 

How to use a baby lip balm

While it’s absolutely important to protect your baby’s lips while stepping outside when it's especially windy or cold, including the Sebamed baby lip balm in your baby’s daily skincare routine is crucial to provide their lips with care at all times. We recommend applying the Sebamed baby lip balm twice a day and for dry lips, apply it up to 5 times a day. Remember to store the lip balm away from heat and humidity. The best times in the day to apply it are after meals and cleaning the mouth, and don’t forget to apply it beyond the lips as well as this area comes in contact with drool and pacifiers, making it vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Every baby deserves the best care, and this is why we have made our baby lip balm price very pocket-friendly.

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