What is Newborn Skin Peeling and How to Treat it?

by Sebamed | Mar 27, 2023

Mother Applying Cream on Baby's Feet


  • How to protect a newborn’s skin?

  • How long does the newborn skin peeling last?

  • Best remedies for a 1-month-old baby’s dry skin on the face

  • Conclusion

Contrary to popular belief, newborns suffer from skin peeling as their skin is super dry. Most new parents and caretakers usually expect super soft and gentle skin for a newborn and are generally taken aback by the reality, but it is very common for babies to have super dry, delicate, and sensitive skin?. Most of the time, the reasons behind the skin peeling are quite normal and can be treated at home with some products recommended by dermatologists. But sometimes, skin peeling may require treatment with the help of remedies.

A newborn baby’s skin peeling

A newborn baby’s skin peeling in the initial few weeks

How to protect a newborn’s skin?

There are many ways in which we can treat a newborn baby’s dry and peeling skin at home. You can start by following a proper skincare regime or even trying out these home remedies for the baby’s dry skin -

  • Follow a baby bath routine - Bathing is an important part of hygiene and is super vital for a baby’s overall growth. However, for babies, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to newborn skincare and bath routine. It is always advisable to keep the bath time short and use lukewarm water for a baby’s bath. It is also vital to use soap and fragrance-free soaps like the Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar.

    A baby in a bathtub

    Following a newborn skin care routine can help baby’s skin

  • Use fragrance-free and alcohol-free skincare products - Moisturizing is a huge part of a newborn skincare routine and a baby’s overall growth. It is also important for the baby to drink breastmilk or formula until advised otherwise. Using the best newborn baby skincare products also makes a huge difference, and that is why dermatologists always advise using products from the Sebamed baby skincare range.

  • Shield the baby’s skin from the sun - The UV rays from the sun can really harm a baby’s skin and can result in the newborn skin peeling even on the face. And unlike for adults, there are no available sunscreens for babies in the market. This is why it is important to use coveralls like hats and scarves on babies when out and about.

How long does the newborn skin peeling last?

As normal as it is, new parents and caretakers are still taken aback by the amount of time it takes for the baby’s skin to be moisturised after their birth. Even then there is no set time period for the baby’s skin to stop peeling, but once the baby is born, it takes about 2 weeks for the baby’s skin to get used to being outside the womb and stop peeling. In case, the baby’s skin does not stop peeing after 2 weeks, the parent or caretaker must consult a pediatrician.

Best remedies for a 1-month-old baby’s dry skin on the face

Even though babies have super sensitive and dry skin, there are still many home remedies for a 1-month-old baby’s dry skin on the face that can help in nourishing the skin -

Breastmilk -

Breastmilk is touted to be one of the best hydrating and moisturizing humectants as applying it on the baby’s skin can help in treating many skin problems like dryness, eczema, etc.

Body massage -

Daily massage is an important part of a baby’s development. It also helps in moisturizing deep layers of skin and gives the parent a special bonding time with the baby. The best product in the market to massage your baby with is, hands down, the Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil, which is a non-sticky body oil.

Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil

The Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil that is non-sticky and non-irritant

Daily moisturizing

Moisturizing post bathing is an unmissable step in a newborn’s skincare routine as it helps in moisturising the baby’s skin throughout. There are some really great newborn baby skincare products that help in curing and treating the skin peeling of babies like the Sebamed Lotion and Sebamed Cream Extra Soft.


Newborn skin peeling is a normal phenomenon, which usually throws off new parents and caretakers. In this blog, we have tried to cover and answer major questions that are there with regard to baby’s skin peeling. We have also discussed how to take care of a baby’s skin, what products can treat it, and for how long a newborn’s skin peels.

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