Monsoon Hair Care 101: How to Tackle Hair Fall During Rainy Season?

by Sebamed | Jun 16, 2023

Monsoon hair care tips

Monsoon is almost knocking on our doors. While we love to sit on our balconies, watching the water cascading from the clouds with a hot cup of coffee in this season, we hate the hair fall in monsoon. As per reports, people experience 30% more hair fall during the season. It is because increase in humidity in the air makes our hair greasy, thereby leading to dandruff and hair loss. And if not taken any immediate action, the greasy hair can result in fungal infections, weakened roots and patchy scalp.

If this issue sounds familiar to you, we have a few monsoon hair care tips and tricks to help you glide through the monsoon season with minimum hair fall. But before dwelling into the hacks, let’s learn about the problem in detail.

The Effects of Monsoon on Hair

If you were wondering ‘does hair fall increase in monsoon? The answer is yes! Hair is a crucial part of our physical experience. It largely affects the way we look, which makes maintaining them a necessity. Having healthy hair is a dream for many people. While many people find it difficult to maintain their hair health in the summers, the rainy season makes it even worse. This season can bring excessive moisture which causes adverse effects on hair. Hair issues like frizz, hair fall, itchy scalp and dandruff occur which signifies that your hair needs utmost care.

Woman is looking shocked to her lost hair

Monsoon season calls for some extra love for your hair

In Which Season Does Hair Fall Happen Mostly in India?

If your answer to this question is monsoon, you are absolutely right. Hair fall in monsoon is extremely common. It is said that hair fall increases by 30% during monsoon as the air has an elevated amount of moisture in the air. It causes hair to absorb extra hydrogen present in the air, which makes the scalp swell and weak. Moreover, humidity causes nutritional deficiencies in your scalp, resulting in dry scalp, weaker roots and hairfall.

Worried young woman stands and shows hair and comb.

Hair fall in monsoon can impact your mental health

How to Treat Your Hair in the Monsoon?

The search engine is flooded with questions like - does hair fall increase in monsoon, how to curb this hair fall, tips and tricks and more as everyone is looking for a solution. After all, hair is such an important part of our body, so the possibility of losing it is terrifying to all of us. We know that changing weather conditions is not in your control, but changing your routine is. To help you not lose one of the most beautiful parts of your body, here we are dropping some monsoon hair care tips. 

  • Protect Your Hair From Rain Water 

    This is one of the most useful and straightforward hair care tips to protect your scalp and hair from the harsh rain water. In case you are drenched in this seasonal rainfall, you can dry your hair using a microfiber towel to absorb the water rapidly, thereby decreasing hair loss.

  • Apply Coconut Oil

    Applying coconut oil 15 minutes before shampoo makes the hair less greasy along with preconditioning your hair.

  • Know When to Comb Your Hair

    Don’t comb your wet hair immediately as they are the weakest then. Choose the right comb to detangle your hair and make sure to clean your comb frequently in order to avoid hair and scalp infections.

  • Watch Signs of Dandruff

    Monsoon does increase hair fall and the chances of dandruff in your hair. Consult a dermatologist or choose the right products to treat it earlier.

  • Have a Nutritious Diet

    If you are wondering how to stop hair fall in monsoon, having a nutritious diet is of utmost importance. The quality of your food decides the quality of your hair. So, eating nutritious food can improve your hair health.

Essential Hair Care Products to Shield Your Hair from Monsoon Damage

When people ask, in which season hair falls the most in India, the only answer that whips across everyone’s mind is monsoon. Altering the way you comb your hair, taking precautions by using home remedies, and using dermatologically-tested hair care products can help you mitigate hair fall in monsoon.

While you decide to take care of your hair, we are listing down some hair care products that can maintain your hair health.

1. Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo

If someone asks you, how to stop hair fall in monsoon, recommend them Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo. Not only does it cleanse the hair perfectly, but also regenerates dry, dull, and lifeless hair.
Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo

 Increase your volume like never before

2. Sebamed Repair Shampoo

Monsoon damages your hair and makes it dull and dry. The Sebamed Repair Shampoo comes with a care formula which moisturizes hair and scalp, thereby maintaining your hair health.
Sebamed Repair Shampoo

A dermatologically-tested shampoo to nourish and protect your hair

3. Sebamed Repair Conditioner

This conditioner from Sebamed is a must-have when listing down the best monsoon hair care products. Formulated by dermatologists, the moisturizing formula with silk protein repairs damage and provides volume to your hair, so you no longer have to google how to stop hair fall in monsoon!
?	Sebamed Repair Conditioner

A part of one of the best monsoon hair care tips someone can give you


This seasonal hair fall is very common, and with adequate precautions and products from Sebamed, you can maintain the health of your hair and scalp. While changing the weather is not in your control, changing your lifestyle and taking adequate precautions is. Are you ready to maintain your hair health with Sebamed? After all, love is in the hair and you shouldn’t have to look for how to stop hair fall in monsoon!

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