How to Remove Dandruff in Just 15 Days?

by Sebamed | Mar 27, 2023

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How to remove dandruff quickly? Do you frequently find yourself hunting for the same solution? If so, then you've found the answer you were looking for! You should know that it is essential to daily take care of your scalp and any problems it may have before we discuss products. To prevent dandruff or irritation, your scalp has to be cleaned, and the proper treatments have to be used on it.


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Woman with Problem of Dandruff Combing Hair


The best way to get rid of dandruff during winter is by ensuring that your hair roots do not dry. Their proper moisturization is vital. A dry scalp becomes a breeding ground for dandruff. Along with that, you will also have to prepare a proper hair care routine for yourself. How? Here’s our list.

Dealing with dandruff is a bothersome issue!

• How dandruff happens

There are several causes of dandruff like sebaceous gland secretions, a fungus living on the surface of your skin, not shampooing often enough to prevent the buildup of dead skin cells on your hair and scalp, which can cause flaking and itching, or over shampooing and overdrying the head. Dandruff can also result from excessive hair brushing, sun exposure, hat pressure, exposure to dust or grime, and excessive sun exposure. Dandruff damages the scalp's natural moisture barrier when it isn't prevented. As a result, the scalp and hair both get dry even if you rinse your hair. The hair that grows later is less moisturised as it cannot retain moisture, which makes it far more prone to breakage and frizz. In rare instances, dandruff issues can also cause hair loss. Start caring for your scalp as soon as possible and you won't have to worry about how to get rid of dandruff. Dandruff signs and symptoms include skin flakes that range in size from tiny and white to big and yellow appearing on your skin. Another symptom is itchy flaking that appears on the chest, back, scalp, brows, hairline, ears, and nose.

• Is dandruff a sign of something else?

A dry scalp can also be the sign of a persistent medical disorder called seborrheic dermatitis that affects not just the scalp but also other parts of the body where oil glands are located. This condition is characterised by scalp redness together with dandruff. It resembles other widespread skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, or even an allergic response in appearance. Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders increase the likelihood of acquiring dandruff as well as other diseases like HIV or complications like having a compromised immune system. But before you panic and start looking for solutions on how to get rid of dandruff, know that it doesn't usually lead to anything more harmless than hair loss. Many skin diseases might develop as a result of dandruff. It is only a symptom and not a conclusive diagnosis. Dandruff is not the only factor in hair loss. However, severely serious dandruff might cause someone to damage their scalp by vigorously scratching it. Recurrent hair follicle inflammation can damage scar tissue, which can lead to hair loss. The outcome might be hair that is fragile or thinning. If you twist your hair, brush it aggressively, or scratch your scalp, this type of hair loss may get worse. So treat your hair with a hair dandruff solution as soon as possible!

Seborrheic Dermatitis Scalp

Seborrheic dermatitis can lead to significant hair loss if not stopped!

• How Shampoo Helps Fight Dandruff

When water is unable to completely remove these impurities from our hair, an anti-dandruff shampoo steps in to do the trick. Each anti-dandruff shampoo is uniquely created to address both the causes and symptoms of dandruff. They help your hair by:

  • Repairing damaged hair: A range of ingredients found in anti-dandruff treatment shampoos assist in healing hair that has been harmed by environmental conditions. It has all the necessary components, such as zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid, to help eradicate dandruff and stop it from returning.
  • Provides essential nutrients to hair follicles: Anti-dandruff shampoos or remedies for dandruff are made to give the nutrients needed by the hair for healthy growth, which is what hair requires for good development. Sebamed products have this with a pH of 5.5 which helps in regenerating the scalp.
  • Combats dryness and oiliness of hair: For many people, dryness and oiliness of hair are serious concerns. When it comes to dry hair, a good dandruff treatment shampoo also contains moisturising ingredients, which assist in eliminating dryness from hair and restoring the much-desired lustre.
  • Relief from scalp irritability: Sometimes dry hair causes flakes to accumulate on the scalp, which irritates the hair follicles. These dry flakes may be cleaned off using anti-dandruff treatment shampoos, which also rehydrate the scalp.

    Girl Washing Hair

Use shampoo every time you wash your hair for that shiny and healthy lustre!

• How to remove dandruff in just 15 Days?

To relieve excessive sebum, which promotes the growth of dandruff germs, an oily scalp needs the moderate wash from the hair dandruff removing solution of the Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. The composition is adjusted to the physiological pH value of 5.5 to regulate the scalp's sebum production. This gentle washing action causes no discomfort. Piroctone Olamine, the active component, reduces dandruff irritation and stops the growth and spread of dandruff germs on the scalp. The scalp's condition has stabilised, allowing for the development of strong, lustrous hair without having to worry about how to get rid of dandruff quickly, as the shampoo gets rid of dandruff in just 2 weeks!

How to use the Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo-

  • Get your hair wet.
  • Apply shampoo on your scalp in a quantity equal to a 5 rupee coin, and leave it on for three minutes before washing.
  • Apply it 2-3 times each week to get desired outcomes. (Duration- 5 minutes)

Using Sebamed products enables you to keep your pH level at 5.5 consistently. The fact that the products stabilise the skin's barrier function and stimulate the regeneration of the acid mantle on the scalp is significant. Because of this, their products, like dandruff treatment shampoos, are quite useful. Additionally, the product's use is advantageous due to laboratory testing and outcomes. The most well-known and highly regarded hair care products in India are by Sebamed.

We really hope that this article has provided you with a thorough explanation of how to treat your dandruff without undergoing any extreme dandruff treatments. It's time to actively begin reading the labels that are there on the items. It will make it simpler for you to find the top anti-dandruff products in India. Sebamed products were created with you and your health in mind, to make sure you avoid any extreme dandruff treatments. The key goal is to use something safe for your body and gentle on your skin. The finest anti-dandruff products are available on the Sebamed website, ready to help you answer the question of how to remove dandruff quickly!

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