How important is pH in Skincare?

by Sebamed | Jan 18, 2023

You might have read about pH in your chemistry classes. But what is skin pH? Simply put, it is your skin's built-in defense system that protects you against harmful germs and bacteria by eradicating them as soon as they come in contact with your skin. Your skin’s pH level is a very handy tool to defend against pesky germs and bacteria. But what factors decide this?

pH Scale

pH always goes from 0 all the way to 14.

What influences skin pH?

The establishment of the permeability barrier and cutaneous antimicrobial defence appears to be dependent on the skin pH and the "acid mantle" of the skin. On the skin's surface, a measurement of an acidic pH can be made, although its cause is not clear. Numerous endogenous elements, such as skin moisture, sweat, sebum, anatomic site, genetic predisposition, and age, have an impact on the skin pH. In addition, exogenous elements including detergents, cosmetic items used and medications may affect the pH of the skin. The development of skin conditions such as irritating contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis and acne is said to be influenced by changes in skin pH levels. In order to prevent and cure certain skin conditions, it may be important to use skin products, particularly synthetic detergents with a pH of approximately 5.5 which maintain your pH levels.

Is higher pH better for your skin?

The barrier function, moisture retention, and microbial habitat of your skin are all significantly influenced by pH. The lipid layer of your skin may be affected if the pH value of your skin is excessively alkaline (nine and above), which can cause dryness and irritation. Propionibacterium acne, the bacterium that causes acne, is prevented from overgrowing by maintaining pH at its optimal range. An acidic pH is ideal for healthy skin cell turnover, hydration, and skin barrier function. The acid mantle, a thin coating on the skin's surface made of lipids from oil glands and amino acids from perspiration that serves as a barrier, protects sensitive skin as well as other skin types  from external aggressors and slows down the ageing process. Your skin will remain balanced, healthy, and beautiful with an acidic pH.

How do I reset my skin pH?

Restoring the moisture in your skin with pH-balanced skin care products results in a softer, brighter, and more youthful glow. But it's crucial to pick a product that works for your skin type. The acid mantle of your skin will be greatly supported by a quality pH-balanced face wash. Your alkalinity rises as a result of the acid mantle being damaged by dehydrated skin. The acid mantle, which helps maintain a balanced pH and young, protected skin, is supported by hydrated skin when you use pH-balanced skin care products. You may restore your skin's ideal pH levels in addition to using different skin care products by eating a balanced diet, using sunscreen every day, and avoiding harsh substances in cleansers. Whatever you use to balance the pH of your skin or face, search for skincare products or a pH-balanced face wash containing antioxidants and Vitamin C. You may also use diluted apple cider vinegar or aloe vera gel from an aloe plant to your skin.

A women holding a leaf

Sometimes, nature can provide the best assistance in skincare!

What is the pH of skin care products?

According to research, minor changes in the pH balance of your skin (caused, for example, by using an exfoliator with a pH of 3.6 or a sunscreen with a pH of 7.5) are only short-lived. Usually, within an hour, the skin returns to its natural pH on its own. And there is in fact a benefit that acidic products stimulate the skin to produce the key substances it needs to look smooth, supple, and hydrated while also looking radiant. The pH balance of the skin is more significantly disrupted when using strongly acidic (pH 2.5 or lower) or alkaline (pH 8 or more) products, therefore it takes longer for the skin to return to normal which is not the case while using a pH 5.5 soap, but more on that later. During this additional period, the skin is susceptible to conditions that might bring on pimples, eczema symptoms, redness, and sensitivity. Because of this, frequent use of items with an improper pH can gradually and visibly harm the skin. The majority of skin care products are pH-balanced for balanced skin. Here are typical pH levels for our primary skin care product categories:

Cleansers: : pH 4.5–7
Toners: : pH 5–7
Sunscreens : pH 5–7.5
Exfoliants : pH 3.2–3.9, with any reading between 3 and 4 considered most effective
Moisturisers : pH 5–7
Serums : pH  4-6
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) products : pH 2.6–3.2
Retinol products : pH 4–6.6


You may notice that a lot of the products don’t have and can’t offer the ideal skin pH level of 5.5 and this is where Sebamed comes in! Every single one of their products is dermatologically tested and proven to be pH 5.5, which is the most ideal for the pH value of your skin! By warding off undesirable bacteria and adverse environmental influences, your skin's pH helps to protect the skin from infections, irritants, allergies, and drying out, and it is greatly helped by the best skin care products like the pH 5.5 soap of Sebamed!

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Having a balanced pH of 5.5 makes your skin glow!

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