How Can I Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy?

by Sebamed | Feb 13, 2023

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Pregnancy may seem like a perfect time to eat healthy, relax and pamper your body. But while all this is important, it is also essential to follow a regular workout regime. Maintaining a certain level of fitness throughout pregnancy takes care of your overall health and keeps your body ready for upcoming challenges. Read on to more.

Alleviates Aches

Swollen ankles, aching back and fatigue are common for moms-to-be. However, unless you have been advised complete rest by your doctor, a sedentary lifestyle won't help alleviate this condition. Working out during the first trimester can help strengthen back muscles, reduce water retention and soothe aches and pains. But try to keep them short and sweet. American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies to exercise at moderate intensity for at least 15-30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. It would be best to consult a health or pregnancy coach to chart out a routine for you.

Prepares For Childbirth

Average labour takes 12-16 hours, hence, maintaining a regular workout routine during pregnancy may result in an easier and shorter labour, with lesser medical intervention and exhaustion. With recommendations of your doctor and fitness expert, one can go ahead with exercises or pre-natal yoga to open up the hips and pelvis. These asanas help strengthen and tone muscles that a mother will be using during the childbirth. For instance, practicing Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana) can open up the pelvic floor muscles and aid smooth delivery.

Quick Fix For Mood Swings

You might find it hard to stay motivated for a workout when all you feel is nauseous, tired and heavy. But once you get into the fitness groove, you will stay active, and feel cheerful and energetic. Those 15-30 minutes of exercise each day can reduce your mood swings and help you feel in control of your emotions. Pre-natal yoga calms the nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety. You may also try an alternative therapy like Bach Flower Remedies.

Reduces Stretch Marks

Gentle exercises like yoga, swimming, walking and dancing done regularly during the nine months can help improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Use pure, natural oils like almond, olive, coconut or avocado to massage your body and keep your skin nourished. Pilates exercise Cat-Cow Stretch is one workout that can prevent these unwanted marks.

Treats Pregnancy-Induced High Blood Pressure & Sugar

Increased blood pressure and sugar can result in serious complications for mother-to-be. However, a typical pre-natal yoga involving breathing, gentle stretching, asanas, cooling down and relaxation can decrease the risk of both.

Sleep Inducer

During pregnancy, many women experience disturbed sleep patterns. A regular fitness regime can improve your quality and length of sleep. However, avoid vigorous activity before you sleep, as that might make you more energetic rather than sleepy. Light stretching exercises or yoga moves coupled with 5-10 minutes of meditation helps calm the mind and relax tensed muscles and nerves. Don't get intimidated at the prospect of meditation. It doesn't need to be too complicated. Simply observing your mind, body and breath can take you to a level of inner peace and cut out the mental chatter. 

Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen. And even after you get a go-ahead to work out, always listen to your body and be careful not to overdo it. Stop right away if anything hurts or is uncomfortable. 

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