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Massage is a powerful combination of a healing touch, effective oils and gentle strokes that can benefit your newborn, both physically and emotionally. Read on for more...


Touch is the first language that newborns learn, and the more your baby identifies with your touch, the stronger she grows. This healing touch also eases her restlessness. Regular dose of this soothing therapy is a wonderful way to connect and create a close bond with your little one. Try maintaining continuous eye contact, kissing and caressing while massaging, it can work like magic.


A properly done rubdown helps you gain confidence in handling your baby and also understanding her needs. Quality time spent during the massage is an opportunity for you to understand and learn your baby's cues. Other family members may also try this therapy to strengthen their relationship with the new member.


Gentle and right strokes help in strengthening the bones and muscles of the child. The procedure relaxes the muscles and enhances the flexibility of the joints, which results in free movement of the body's joints.


A restless and cranky baby makes you anxious as well. That’s when a tender massage comes in help. It doesn’t just calm down your child but also makes her sleep better and longer. Try giving your baby a quick massage just before her bed time. A massage involves movement of your baby's joints. The arms and legs movement is like an activity for her that soothes and tires her, which in turn induces a deeper sleep.


An oil massage is an ideal way to promote healthy weight gain in babies. It is believed that when it is done properly with the right oils and moves it stimulates an important nerve called the vagus. This particular nerve is responsible for connecting the brain with other important body parts, including stomach. Thus resulting in improved digestion and bowel movement, and further leading to a healthy weight gain.


Your newborn is unaware of her body parts; she is unable to distinguish between your hand and her own. Regular massage enhances her awareness about her own body. While you massage your baby, talk to her and help her recognise her limbs.


Light strokes in a massage stimulate the blood circulation and different parts of the nervous system. This makes the heartbeat and blood pressure stable. Further, promoting production of serotonin (a feel-good substance) and combating the formation of cortisol, a hormone that is secreted in response to stress. End result is a happy and healthy baby.


Massage assists lymphatic drainage. The lymph nodes of the body transport white blood cells throughout the body and flush out harmful toxins. However, they also need a little help from outside. Massaging the lymph nodes, located in the underarms and pelvic region, helps improve your child's immune system.


Newborns already have very soft and supple skin. The oil massage helps in maintaining it by cleansing and removing dead cells, improving the texture and tone of their complexion.

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