Five common skin problems babies face in winters

by Sebamed | Feb 7, 2022

During the winter season, we’re sure you adore your baby’s cute, rosy cheeks. However, you must remember that the cold weather can also take a toll on your little one’s skin. In this season, the harsh, cold winds make your baby’s skin dry and rough. Thus, you must pay extra care and attention to keep your baby’s skin soft.

In this blog, we will get you acquainted with some of the common skin care problems for babies during winters. We will also share some of the Sebamed baby skincare products to help you prevent these problems and keep your baby’s skin well-protected throughout this season. So, let’s get started!

baby in winters

Cover your baby’s skin after applying the Sebamed Baby Body Lotion

Baby skincare problems

As you know, your baby’s skin is quite sensitive, and it is highly prone to get affected during the winters. Here are some of the common skincare problems that they may encounter:

Dry skin

An infant’s skin lacks natural moisturizing agents and is, therefore, less hydrated. During the winter months, the cold wind further rips off the moisture from your baby’s skin. It ultimately results in skin dryness and rough cheeks.

The best way to restore dry skin is by moisturizing your baby’s skin. Our Sebamed Baby Body Lotion maintains the hydrobalance of your child’s skin and keeps it well-moisturized. It has a pH value of 5.5, which is ideal for your baby’s skin.

Sebamed Baby Body Lotion

Chapped lips

Newborns have a tendency to lick their lips and suck on objects. It can strip off the moisture from their lips, making them dry and cracked. Besides that, the humidity in the winter months can further lead to chapped lips

To heal chapped lips, we recommend that you apply the Sebamed Baby Lip Balm to your baby’s chapped lips. It nourishes your baby’s lips with the goodness of shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

Sebamed Baby Lip Balm


Eczema is a common skin condition found in newborn babies. It usually causes itchiness, redness, and dryness. It also tends to get flared up during the winter months.

If eczema has been troubling your baby, use the Sebamed Baby Face Cream for dry skin. Squeeze out some cream on your palm and apply it to your baby’s face. The special care formula rejuvenates your baby’s skin with natural lipids they need.

Sebamed Baby Face Cream

Diaper rash

During the winter season, you may have been layering up your baby with multiple woollens to ensure that they stay warm. While this helps to protect your baby against the cold, it may also cause discomfort and rashes.

Diaper rashes can cause skin redness and irritation. To soothe your baby’s delicate skin, our Sebamed Baby Rash Cream has been formulated with panthenol and titanium dioxide to relieve your baby’s skin from itchiness.

Baby Diaper Rash Cream

This winter season, keep your baby’s skin protected and well-moisturized to avoid skin problems. Visit the product section on this website to get your hands on the Sebamed baby skincare products.

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