5 Products for Baby Skincare in Winter

by Sebamed | Nov 22, 2022

The winter season is fast approaching, and it is time to invest in an upgraded baby skincare regime for your baby this winter. The weather invites new and diverse types of skin concerns for us. So, you can only imagine the side effects it may have on a baby’s delicate skin.

The chilly winds are too dry and the lack of moisture results in drying up your skin as well. Hence, it is only best to moisturize the skin as much as possible during the winter season. There are plenty of products in the market that can help you moisturize and nourish your baby's skin. Given below are some of those products along with tips on how to take care of your newborn baby's skin in winter

A Smiling Baby

A baby with healthy skin

Sebamed Baby Body-Milk:

Sebamed Baby Body-Milk

Sebamed Baby Body-Milk is enriched with the goodness of almond oil and shea butter

The Sebamed Baby Body-Milk has a brilliant formula that will help your baby's skin during winter. Enriched with the goodness of sweet almond oil and shea butter, the natural lipid complex of the body-milk nourishes the skin from the inside as it eradicates dryness. How to take care of the baby's skin in winter you ask? This Sebamed Baby Body-Milk is the best solution as it has a super rich and moisturizing formula! Applying this to your baby’s skin will make it supple and super soft regardless of the weather conditions.

Sebamed Baby Lip Balm:

Sebamed Baby Lip Balm

Protect your baby’s lips with the Sebamed Baby Lip Balm

Just looking after your baby’s skin is not enough, it is also pertinent to pay attention to their lips. The Sebamed Baby Lip Balm is formulated to give extra mild care to dry and chapped lips. The gentle and natural-based lipid complex is enriched with the goodness of Jojoba oil. This lip balm supplies much-needed protection to the lips against the drying weather and keeps the baby’s lips super soft and healthy. This lip balm is sure to make it to the top 5 in your list of baby skin care products to use in winter.

Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream:

Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream

The best product to shield your baby’s face from dryness

The Baby Sebamed Protective Facial Cream has a moisturizing complex enriched with hyaluronic acid and squalene that protects and hydrates the baby’s skin. This baby face cream for winters also contains allantoin that calms the skin and panthenol that soothes any salivary rashes. The skin of a newborn lacks a protective acidic mantle established during the first few months of a baby’s life. This baby face cream for winter consolidates the resistance of a baby's skin making it another one of the must-have baby skin care products to use in winter.

Sebamed Baby Lotion:

The Sebamed Baby Lotion has a moisturizing and emollient complex and has rapidly absorbing lipids that do not leave any greasy or oily residue on application. This makes the Sebamed baby lotion for winter care for babies the perfect moisturizer choice.

Sebamed Baby Lotion

Moisturize your baby’s skin with the Sebamed Baby Lotion

Enriched with active ingredients like allantoin and chamomile, this baby lotion for winter enhances the skin’s hydrolipid balance, which makes the skin smoother and healthier. This baby lotion also promotes the formation of a protective mantle on a newborn’s skin. The Sebamed baby skincare range has a pH balance of 5.5, which is proven to promote the development of the skin.

Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil

Oil massages play a tremendous role in the development of a baby, and daily oil massages are a part of winter care for babies. It is best to go with a non-greasy oil that pumps, hydrates and soothes the baby’s skin and the Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil is the perfect choice in that case.

Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil

Massage your baby’s skin gently with the Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil

This oil is a terrific addition to the winter skincare routine of your baby as it contains soya oil and encourages faster absorption. The best part about this baby oil is that it does not solidify in low temperatures!

With the winter season right around the corner and some states already starting to experience the chilly weather, it is the perfect time to start researching skincare for babies in winter. In this blog, we have tried to cover all the essential products that a parent will need for their baby’s skincare during the winter season. Sebamed is one of the most trusted names, not only in India, but across the globe for the efficacy of its products. This blog will help you know how to take care of your baby’s skin in the winter season.

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