4 ways to help your child sail through the rains.

by Sebamed | Oct 23, 2023

Monsoon is Mother Nature’s way of showering love upon us. The first rain drops kissing the earth creates an aura of divine beauty and revives the parched earth like an elixir. Rains bring nourishment for us and turns the atmosphere into a sweet smelling beauty. But since all good things also have a flipside, monsoon is the time you need to be extra careful with your child’s overall health, including their delicate skin. A new born baby’s skin is extra susceptible to infections during the rainy months, and humidity and heat can pose many threats for your baby’s tender skin. Fret not, as the following tips would help you protect your child from many infections and help you sail through the monsoons…

  • Washing hands off germs should be a habit

We know, we know, you must have heard, read and seen the myriad ads and articles expounding the many benefits of hand washing, but did you know, washing your tiny human hands is equally important to protect them from the host of illnesses monsoon brings with it, also keeping the nails nicely trimmed would prevent transmission of germs.

  • Don’t sweat it

Infants and children tend to sweat a lot due to the increased humidity in the air, adding to their woes is the multitude of bacterial and fungal infections that find it easy to invade a baby’s skin, especially areas like underarms, neck, genitals and the region behind knee. Wash your baby every day, wash the exposed parts more than once. Give your baby a bath every second day with a mild, soap-free product that doesn’t result in water loss and promotes the development of their skin’s natural defences.

  • Don’t forget the sun

Monsoons are delightful, but also marked by overcast, sun-less days, but that doesn’t mean the UVA/UVB rays are on an off too, sun rays carrying these radiations can still penetrate the clouds and wreak havoc on your baby’s tender skin, so applying a good and effective sunscreen is a must for both of you whenever you two are out on your ‘mom & baby’ walks. Investing in a good baby sunscreen doesn’t come easy as majority of the products are meant for adults and are laden with parabens and alcohol, when buying a sunscreen for your baby, look for paraben and dye free products, like the Sebamed Sunscreen, created specifically to protect and nurture your baby’s skin. Make your child wear airy, breathable fabrics so that your day outs remain full of comfort and fun.

  • Dancing in the rain

Last but not the least, don’t forget to enjoy the dewy days with your child by engaging in indoor games, long drives and planning your little adventures if the little one is not too little. After enjoying the rains with your little one, use Sebamed wash for bathing your child to have clean and germ-free bath.?While gone are the days when childhoods were spent competing against each other during the numerous paper boat trails in the muddiest of puddles, you can still revive your childhood by bringing back the paper boat in your house, this time with your baby…

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