10 Super Safe Products Mom Trust for their kids

by Sebamed | Feb 13, 2023

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When it comes to taking care of their babies, moms want nothing but the best. In today’s world, there are thousands of baby products to choose from. Choosing the best products for your baby can be a difficult task as there are a wide array of choices. Sebamed’s baby products have been made keeping in mind, the delicate skin of babies. All Sebamed products have a pH value of 5.5. This helps to develop and protect baby’s skin while keeping irritants at bay.

We bring to you some super safe products that moms truly trust for their little ones.

1. Sebamed baby soothing Massage oil

There are plenty of advantages of giving an oil massage to a newborn baby. It relaxes the baby, helps in treating constipation, it stimulates the baby’s circulatory & digestive system. It also helps to boost the baby’s confidence levels. Sebamed’s Soothing Massage Oil works exactly as its name suggests. It comprises of 95% natural soya oil & 5% wheat germ oil which helps in protecting the baby’s delicate skin. It is free from colorants/preservatives & does not solidify at low temperatures. You can use this oil from baby’s 7th day & continue upto 2 years. Click here to buy Sebamed baby soothing massage oil

2. Baby Bubble Bath

Those extra foamy bubbles in most of the bubble baths available in the market can be credited to harmful ingredients like parabens, fragrances, and soap, all of which could potentially damage your baby’s skin. If your baby is 6 months & above, a soap-free & chemical-free bubble bath is a wonderful option. Sebamed’s 100% soap & alkali free bubble bath is not only gentle on the baby’s skin but its mild sugar-based natural cleansing properties keeps dry skin at bay. It’s 5.5 pH level boosts the development of the skin’s acid mantle. Chamomile extracts present in the bubble bath hydrates & protects the baby’s skin. Click here to buy Baby Bubble Bath

3. Baby body milk

A newborn baby’s skin is not mature enough to fight against harmful environmental factors and the Acid Mantle that protects the baby’s skin can take up to 3 months to develop. Hence, a baby’s skin needs extra care & moisturizing after a bath. Sebamed’s Baby Body-Milk can be an ideal option for the same as it contains lecithin almond oil & shea butter that prevents the skin from going dry. Squalene present in the lotion provides the best protection by maintaining the skin’s balance & helps to prevent dehydration of baby's skin. It is free from minerals and has the perfect pH balance which is important for a baby’s soft & supple skin. Click here to buy Sebamed Baby body milk

4. Baby rash cream

One of the main causes of rashes in babies are diapers. Other rashes like Erithema Toxicum, rashes caused by heat or even dry and patchy skin are also quite common in babies. What your baby needs is a rash cream that is gentle yet effective. Sebamed’s Baby Rash Cream is a safe & reliable option for a baby’s rash. Since this cream contains titanium dioxide, it lends a protective barrier against harmful external factors that cause inflammation of the skin. The cream is formaldehyde & dioxane free & 35% of oil present in the cream hydrates & moisturizes the skin. Panthenol in the cream speeds up the healing process. Click here to buy Sebamed Baby Diaper rash cream

5. Children's Shampoo

When it comes to taking care of a baby’s hair, one has to be extra careful in choosing only the mildest and most gentle shampoos. Sebamed’s Children’s Shampoo is 100% soap, SLS and alkali free. Ideal of babies who are 6 months & above, the pH value of 5.5 in the shampoo is clinically proven to promote the development of the scalp's acid mantle. Each wash provides protection from irritation and is completely tear free. It promotes a healthy scalp for healthy growth and is naturally moisturizing that leaves the hair soft. “I have been using Sebamed shampoo, soap and baby cream since the birth of my baby boy. The products are very gentle on the baby’s skin and I am extremely satisfied with my decision to use Sebamed products,” says Nisha, mother of 10 months old. Pooja Bhapkar, mother of a 2-year-old said, “I have used Sebamed’s shampoo for my daughter. She had stubborn dandruff and cradle cap since she was 4 months of age. Sebamed shampoo did not only get rid of these issues but also made her hair silky and soft”. Click here to buy Sebamed Baby Shampoo

6. Baby cleansing wipes

Sebamed’s Baby Cleansing Wipes are made with a mud lotion formula which is alcohol and paraben free & can be easily used all over a child’s body. The botanical extracts of chamomilla recutita in the wipes helps in soothing skin irritations. Made with 70% viscose and 30% polyester, the antibacterial properties of the wipes helps in increasing pathogenic resistance. It is PEG and colour additives free. “Sebamed wipes are much thicker than other baby wipes, so they can be used for many purposes. They have a soothing fragrance and leave my baby’s skin soft, without any rashes,” says Priyanka, mother of a 5 month old girl. Click here to buy Baby cleansing wipes

7. Baby Sun Lotion

Children are full of energy and whether it is a game of hide and seek or a fun bout of kicking a football around, they love to be outdoors. For times like these, Sebamed’s Sun Lotion will be the ideal lotion to guard your baby’s skin from harmful rays of the sun. It is water resistant and comes with a SPF 50+ which blocks out 98% of UVB rays. With a pH value of 5.5, the product makes sure that the baby’s skin stays soft and protected from from the harsh rays of the sun along with protecting the baby from allergies. Click here to buy Baby Sunscreen lotion

8. BabyCleansingBar

By now we have established that a baby’s skin is several times more sensitive than an adult’s - it is important to take extremely good care of it. Sebamed’s Cleansing Bar is 100% soap free and leaves the baby’s skin fresh, moisturized and soft. It contains wheat germ oil, vitamins and amino acids that hydrate baby’s skin, thus reducing water loss. It has clinically proven to reduce flaking by 70% & a 100% increase in skin lipids within 2 weeks. Ideal for babies who are 6 months & upwards. Click here to buy Baby Cleansing Bar


9. Baby cream

During the winters, our skin tends to become dry. As a baby’s skin is extra delicate, it is more prone to becoming dry & we often make the mistake the applying the same lotions we use on our little ones. Sebamed’s Baby Cream is light, easy to apply, non-greasy and is free from paraffin, silicon oil & parabens. The high content of panthenol helps in fixing damaged skin. It has been proven that the product has lead to 0% of irritant reactions & close to 0% allergic reactions. “I have been using Sebamed Cream for my son who suffers from extremely dry skin. After having tried a few products, I finally started using Sebamed and it has worked wonders for him. Now I only use Sebamed for him,’ says Geetanjali, mother of a 3-year-old boy. Click here to buy Baby cream

10. Baby lip balm

Babies have soft and delicate lips which might get chapped in winters or rough in summers. Sebamed’s Lip Balm is made with jojoba oil and shea butter that makes a baby’s dry and chapped lips smooth and prevents lips from further dryness. The Vitamin E & beeswax components create a protective barrier from the cold wind and dry weather. “My son is now 3. Since he was a baby he had issues like dry skin and itching. Our paediatrician suggested Sebamed products for him as they excellent reviews and is trusted brand all around the world. We use Sebamed products like shampoo, cream, lotion, diaper rash cream and soap for him. We are very happy and satisfied with the results,’ says Priyanka, mother of a 3 year old boy. Click here to buy Baby lip balm

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