Best Soap Bar for Acne - Best Soap for Pimples - Acne Soap Bar

Sebamed Adult Cleansing Bar


  • Well suited for skin cleansing in mild forms of acne.
  • Major clinical study.
CONTENT : 100 / 150 GM


  • Effectively reduces pimples and blackheads in light forms of acne.
  • Mild pore-deep cleansing removes excess sebum.
  • Combats the proliferation of acne causing bacteria with the pH value of 5.5.
  • The natural moisturizing factors lecithin, vitamins and amino acids help rebalance the stressed skin.
  • Vitamin E scavanges free-radicals.
  • Skin-related squalane supports the maintenance of the skin’s moisture balance.
  • No preservatives.

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