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Combination Skin

This type of skin is very common. As the name suggests, it is a combination of both oily and dry skin with certain areas of the face oily and the rest dry. Usually there is a Central greasy panel consisting of the forehead, nose and chin and a dry panel consisting of cheeks and the areas around the eyes and mouth. The greasy central panel is referred to as T - Zone. In such cases, each part of the face should be treated accordingly - the dry areas as for dry skin and the central panel as for oily skin.

How to Identify Combination Skin?

Look out for

  • Shinny forehead, tips of the nose and chin.(T-zone).
  • Cheeks, area near the eyes and lips is dry and flakey.
  • Skin near the eyes and lips is tight and feels stretchy.
  • White patchy skin especially on the cheeks, near the lips.
  • Premature lines near the eyes (cows feet) and lips (laugh lines).
  • Oily scalp.
  • White nail scratch marks on the hands / cheeks.
  • Skin that shows dry eruptions or skin that has been scratched.
  • Dry cuticles, flaking near the sides (corners) of the nails.