Skin Care Skin Care at Various Stages Children's Skin (2-12yrs)

Children's Skin (2-12yrs)

  • Children's skin needs to be cleansed with a delicate cleanser. A cleanser which does not erode the moisture from the tender skin . Ideal product is the Sebamed baby cleansing bar / Sebamed baby wash extra soft.
  • Children's hair needs a shampoo with a gentle cleansing action that minimizes the risk of dryness and irritation. Product recommended Sebamed children's shampoo.
  • Children's skin needs extra moisturizing so that it does not turn dry. Ideal product is Sebamed baby cream extra soft which contains 42% lipids which forms a moisturizing film without interfering with the skins breathing process.
  • A child's skin needs moisturizing everyday to protect it from harsh environmental challenges. The Sebamed moisturizing cream with 2.3% vitamin E is a smart bet. The baby extra soft cream can also be used specially during winters.
  • Use Sebamed baby sun protection for protection from the sun.